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SKU: 12057-M

Since MAESTRALE debuted in the market, they are considered the ideal boots for all level ski mountaineers. The immediate comfort given by the thermoformable inner boot and the most comfortable shape, ensures a carefree skiing on every kind of path. The carbon insert on the shell promotes high-level control and excellent dynamism, while keeping it the lightest boot on the market.

  • SUSTAINABLE FEATURES: Made with with Pebax Rnew®, a material coming from renewable sources, and completely PVC free; MAESTRALE is designed with a sustainable perspective. The Ortholite® footbed is composed of recycled materials. It’s also possible to do the maintenance yourself, thanks to a specific tool provided in the box with the boot.

    SHELL: The shell is made unique by the Carbon Core technology. The carbon insert is over-injected on the Pebax Rnew® and ensures immediate transmission of impulses to the ski, guaranteeing precision and control even in the most difficult skiing situations.

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