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Golden Gate Kima RT

Golden Gate Kima RT

SKU: 33079-M

The GOLDEN GATE KIMA RT is a technical shoe designed to reduce fatigue. The carbon plate enclosed in new-generation foam heightens the elastic response of the arch of the foot, reducing the physical effort of running without compromising precision on uneven terrain.


Accurate and supportive, the GOLDEN GATE KIMA RT is designed and tested for maximum performance on the most technical trails, but also performs well on less demanding unpaved tracks.

    • FIT: A new last dedicated and studied for a normal foot, with less volume in the forefoot area for the best precision of fitting. Sock-Fit LW internal construction system that avoids compression points by wrapping the foot. Exo internal cage in micro suede to ensuring greater lateral stability.
    • UPPER: The double-layer construction is made as follows: the first layer in microfiber gives structure, second the outermost one is an anti-abrasion mesh, which also needs to ensure maximum breathability.
    • SOLE: The Presa® sole has a midsole composed of a double density of foam, named “ACTIVE FOAM”. This new generation foam combines 4 important characteristics all the runners want in a shoe: Cushioning, rebound, long last, lightweight. A 3D carbon fiber (1 mm thickness) is sandwiched in the two foam materials in the areas of greatest support/work of the foot (heel and head of the metatarsals). This is the result of a study aimed at obtaining the best elastic response without loose precision in the uneven terrains.
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